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The Tragic Death Of Bruce Lee

Although the cause of death has been extensively documented as cerebral edema caused by an allergic reaction to the painkiller Equagesic, fans of the film icon still insist on asking "How did Bruce Lee die?" – [You can find more here on an in depth look at his death -]

Martial arts superstar and motion picture idol, Bruce Lee, was only 32 years old when he died on July 20, 1973.

The confusion over Lee's demise has created a field day for conspiracy theorists. One wild claim about his passing states that Bruce was killed on the orders of a major Hong Kong film studio owner because the studio found out that Bruce was going to produce his own movies and cut his former backers out of the deal.

Another popular and completely unproven theory involves the so called "Chinese Martial Arts Mafia." They, it is claimed, had Lee killed by a secret "death touch" to punish him for revealing hidden secrets of Kung Fu and for teaching martial arts to American students.

While it is true that Bruce occasionally smoked marijuana, the rumors of his drug abuse and steroid use are also untrue. The drug that caused the fatal allergic reaction was actually prescribed to Betty Ting Pei, a popular actress who was going to star in Lee's next film.

Bruce was staying at Ms. Pei's apartment while he was in Hong Kong to negotiate a film deal. On the final evening of his life, he complained of a headache, possibly due to over-training and jet lag. Betty gave him a pill to relieve his pain and a few hours later, Bruce was pronounced dead in a Hong Kong Hospital.

Certainly giving a prescription painkiller to Lee for his headache was an example of bad judgment, but the Hong Kong police never thought enough of the circumstances to press any charges against Ms. Pei. As tragic and unfortunate as his early death was to the millions of people who loved and respected Bruce Lee as an athlete, actor, teacher, and modern day philosopher, his passing was a terrible accident and nothing more.

While the events of Bruce's demise described in this article are accepted as true by his close friends and family, it is also true that tragedy followed closely on the heels of the Lee family's fame. Bruce's son, Brandon Lee, died at 28 years old on March 31, 1993, after a weapon malfunctioned on the set of "The Crow." Brandon was following in his dad's footsteps and he was on the verge of major stardom as an actor when he perished under truly tragic circumstances.

The Lee's, father and son, are gone from this world, but their legend lives on in their films and their many accomplishments. Bruce Lee will always be the greatest martial artist who ever lived and his son Brandon was a wonderful young man of unlimited potential. We should give thanks for the time they were with us and make sure that their memory never fades.

I’m a movie maven and history buff. I love to write about stories that cover touchy subjects, always trying to reveal the truth. That’s my style and I hope you like it! I also like a calm walk on the beach to gather my thoughts before getting into my writing.

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