Wednesday, 30 October 2013

5 Fun Sports To Play At The Beach This Summer

This is Australia, this is Summer, at some point everyone is going to end up at the beach. This is just a fact of Australian life, but once you get there and you’ve taken a swim it’s time to figure out what to do. Here are some examples to have some fun, or keep your friends and family entertained while you relax and lay down.

Beach Volleyball

This is pretty much the stock standard beach sport of all societies. Where there’s a beach, there’s beach volleyball and it’s a great piece of fun and excitement to be had. This is a game that can be played, with a level of amusement and fun no matter your skill set or level of athleticism. All you need to do is pick up a net and a ball and get to it. Though does recommend you pick up some shoes that’ll get a decent grip on the sand if you’re going out on hot days. You don’t want to burn your feet.

Beach Soccer

Now here is where we descend into chaos. It’s a pretty rough and ready game that’s mostly played with silliness and all in fun. Sand flying everywhere and in every direction and it’ll be a lot of fun. Chaos and laughter abound as we add a level of good natured chaos to an already sort of difficult and confusing game. The rules are the same as soccer, but the lack of formality makes it a lot more fun.

Beach Touch

This is a game you want to have a bit of skill, or at least a bit of athleticism to play. Similar rules to regular touch football, but the floor plan involves a lot more slipping and sliding. Manoeuvering is far more difficult and the sand flying every which way makes things confusing. That being said as long as you don’t take the game too seriously you can get a little crazy.

Ultimate Frisbee

Okay so it’s technically not a sport, but its athletically challenging, a lot of fun, requires a bit of organization, teamwork and hand eye coordination. Bring the whole family, invite some complete strangers into the game, and forget the rules and the teams. Do whatever you like, as sports go this would be the most relaxed one that has ever existed. Fun is all that matters in Frisbee, so cut loose.

Dodge ball

This is the very essence of competition in a group sport. Two teams of fun loving competitors trying to do nothing but score a hit on the opponent. Does it need any more explaining? Step one, get some balls, step two, dodge. There is no step three.

A day at the beach is much more fun if you have something to do and the ability to get the family or all the friends together for one activity will be an easy way to get everyone closer. Summers here, so have fun.

Written by Jared Butler

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