Sunday, 27 October 2013

Different Types Of Men’s Briefcases

Despite what you might have heard, men’s leather briefcases are indeed making a comeback. Before you go out and snatch up the very first one that you see, take a moment to review your choices. There are briefcases for every lifestyle and personal taste. Set the right tone and send the right message with the right briefcase.

The Padfolio

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to carry around a heavy or bulky briefcase, then take a look at padfolios. Minimalists will enjoy the slim and small design as will businessmen who don’t have to carry around a lot of items. Keep in mind that padfolios don’t have handles on them, so you’ll either have to carry them under your arms or in your hand. Something else to note is that padfolios have a thin frame and can only handle objects that are flat, like a tablet. Should you carry a tablet in your padfolio, make sure that it has enough padding on it so that your equipment will be well-protected.   


If you’d rather have a padfolio with a handle, take a look at portfolios instead. Portfolios also have more bulk to them than padfolios are much better able to hold larger items. Traveling businessmen will enjoy how portable they are and can easily take them into business meetings as soon as they land at their destination.

Messenger Bags

A messenger bag and a designer laptop bag are ideal for men who work in a more casual office environment. They’re also great for college students who are on the go but still like to carry a bag that’s stylish and fashionable. Two of the very best things about messenger bags are their versatility and portability. They’re perfect for young businessmen dressed in suits and riding on bikes down the streets of downtown.

Attaché Case

Men who like a more traditional look might opt for an attaché case. They’re large and have a more angular shape than other types of briefcases. Usually attaches are made with twin compartments and open up from the side. Businessmen who are looking for something that offers a traditional look and lots of space might want to stick with attaché cases. No matter what the business event is, you’re sure to turn heads and make a good impression with an attaché case.

Traveling/Rolling Briefcase

Individuals who do most of their business on the go might prefer a rolling or traveling briefcase. These types of briefcases are great for long trips, are similar to traditional briefcases and are often a bit more durable than regular briefcases. One of the biggest selling points for traveling and rolling briefcases is that they’re small enough that you can show up to a business event without looking as though you brought the contents of your closet and dresser with you.

Do You Want a Briefcase or Satchel?

While leather briefcases are considered to be more traditional, young businessmen who are fresh out of college or grad school might want something that’s a bit more contemporary. Thankfully they can have the best of both worlds by getting a briefcase that can convert into a satchel. Whether or not you should get a satchel or briefcase will be most dependent on the look that you’re going for. Buy a traditional briefcase if you’d like to look more like a gentleman.

A well-chosen briefcase is an essential weapon in the businessman’s arsenal. When you walk into the boardroom, let them know that you’re ready to wage war…stylishly, of course. 

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