Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mobile Casino – The Future Holds A Lot Of Promise

With technology becoming cheaper and more people getting access to high quality and top end Smart Phones, the mobile casino and gaming scene is in for a great time ahead. As it is, sports betting, through the mobile route, is a big industry worth over £2 billion globally. This number is expected to post an annual growth of 20% going ahead.

It all boils down to the enhanced processing power and graphics people are now being able to enjoy on their mobile phones wherever they are. Right from humble 2G beginnings to now 4G, the ride has been a smooth one for mobile networks seeking to pull in more and more of its customers into its fold. The gambling and gaming industries are laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to this power of enhanced bandwidth, speed and easy accessibility to all kinds of gambling and gaming oriented entertainment for all those with Smart Phones.

Mobile casino games in particular are enjoying an unprecedented run of success following the creation of visually pleasing games and platforms. Those wanting to take a shot at playing these games can do so downloading the free version of some of the more attractive games before playing them with stakes. The ease of playing these games with huge potential winning opportunities has proved to be strong twin magnets drawing people in every age segment to them.

Another exciting development in this field of mobile casino gaming relates to the “live streaming” of games played by dealers in a studio to the Smart Phone of the player situated elsewhere. This can now be a reality given 4G bandwidth, obviating the need for any Wi-Fi connection. The entire experience is thus more streamlined, trustworthy and will definitely spark more interest among fence sitters to jump in and try.

Those more keen on conventional slot games too have every reason to feel optimistic as the best of virtual machines are quickly making their way into handheld devices. These fruit machines are not only visually very pleasing but have been designed to make their playing a simple affair so that new entrants can grasp the nuances without much effort.

Sports betting or gambling continues to have a strong hold at the moment but predictions are that by the beginning of 2017, mobile casino games will capture more than 35% of the market. That would indeed be a huge jump over the present scenario.

Ease of playing with rules being the same across the board has also helped a great deal in making these games popular on the mobile platform. You only need to check out the legality and ensure your phone has the requisite memory to be able to download them to enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

The mobile casino scene has already changed the face of online gambling and is on its way to achieving eyeball participation of the kind that was not visualised some years back. When you can play most of your favourite games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and slots sitting wherever you are, who would complain?

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a range of reimagined mobile casino classics you can visit a reputable mobile casino provided such as and start playing for big cash prizes from your mobile handset!

Martin Crutchley a UK based 20-something digital/lifestyle blogger with a penchant for the odd flutter and a love of all things geeky.

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