Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Best Audio On The Mobile Phone Market

Convinced that one singular feature wouldn’t be enough to persuade you to go for a particular smartphone? Think again. The audio capabilities of the HTC One might just be able to change your mind. No other phone on the market thus far has been able to produce a sound that maxes out at 93 decibels. Dozens of reviewers have labeled the Boom Sound double front-facing speakers as “hands-down the best-sounding phone I've ever heard,” and “the best noise you’ll ever get from a phone.” The large speakers, included amp, built-in equalizer and tuner of the HTC One make the sound almost too loud for listening to up-close at full volume, but also serve the phone by making additional carry-along speakers a thing of the past.

The HTC One, which runs the impressive Android 4.2 platform to compete with Apple’s new iOS 7 on the iPhone 5, boasts dual-frontal stereo quality speakers that are packed with miniscule amplifiers to bump up the volume louder than you’d ever think possible for a phone that weighs only 143g. The music-studio quality sound comes complete with Beats Audio, a processor that makes the listening experience crystal clear, authentic and true to the original tune. Since Beats is essentially a preset collection of equalizers designed to optimize the sound quality, there are not a lot of customizable toggles in the settings department to change around the way you listen. But if you’re seeking a more personalized experience with advanced options you do have the ability to add on a stand-alone app like Poweramp to filter through Beats and create a totally unique sound.
So how does such a small phone create such sound? The sheer physical specs of the One make it seem like more of an admirable statue than pocket accessory - each individual aspect of the device takes more than two and a half hours to chisel out of solid aluminum. Inside, the layout of the HTC is such that all of your music collections can be integrated together in one place, from radio resources like Pandora to your iTunes library to audio apps like Spotify. HTC believes that you should be able to share music, games, and videos with your friends on-the-spot and everywhere, and share them loudly.

The two speaker channels that it employs to play audio give the music a depth and complexity that makes most other phones sound cheap and tinny in comparison, as you really can’t achieve that level of precision with only the one output of its peer phones like the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4. Even if you take it to the max and crank the volume up to full blast on the HTC, the audio quality holds it own and refrains from fuzz, crackle, or that canned effect that is so common with cheaper devices. With a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, you can be the DJ life of the party as you plug in and turn up, but with the volume of these speakers, it’s hardly even necessary.

As a bonus, the HTC One includes an additional juicy treat for the ears with its new Sense Voice technology. A sensor that listens to and reacts to the ambient noise in your immediate environment, Sense Voice works to adjust in-call voices to an appropriate hearing level for you, so that you can keep the phone at a comfortable distance from your head without having to keep kicking up the volume or asking people to repeat themselves. Between Boom Sound and Sense Voice, your audio receptors are bound to be very pleased with your choice of phone in the HTC One. For music lovers who want to truly listen to their craft, not just hear it, the phone is a no-brainer and a welcome standout.

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