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Activities For Couples Before Summer Ends

If the thought of shorter evenings, chilly mornings and leaving work in the dark fills you with dread, you’ll know you have to make the most of the summer months while they are still here. Although the longest day of the year has been and gone, there are still plenty of summer activities in the UK to be enjoyed with your partner or perhaps on a new date. There are options to fit every taste, but what are the best summer activities to really appreciate romance whilst the weather’s still [relatively] warm?

Take to the water

When the summer’s here us Brits still love to head to the beach, even if it does mean queuing for hours in the car anxiously watching fast-approaching storm clouds as the British weather fails again. But why not share some activities on the water with your date or partner which consist of more than fish and chips on a rainy pier?
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Around the South coast yachting is the activity of choice. Head to Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight to see some extreme racing, or, for a more chilled option in-land, hire a boat to go fishing to give you some quiet time away from it all. You might even catch something to eat for supper!

Enjoy a picnic

Nothing says British summer like a lovely romantic picnic. If you’ve been together for a while, pack a hamper and go to a scenic park where you enjoyed a date early in your relationship. For a first or second date with a twist, why not hire a rowing boat and enjoy a picnic on the river Thames? If you’ve met a potential partner on one of the latest online dating sites this may be a relaxed real life way to get to know each other better.
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Go to a festival

Between sweaty beer tents and muddy campsites, festivals may not seem like the most romantic of experiences. But the UK festival season is most definitely in full swing, so get in there quick and you might be able to get your hands on tickets for Bestival or Reading and Leeds. Hire out some luxurious festival accommodation for a more lavish experience, and share memories of seeing some of your favourite bands together.

Pamper yourselves

If you really want to relax together, or you have a holiday coming up and fancy looking your best before leaving, why not book up a spa day for a weekend?
Above all, summer time fun is about making the most of your shared interests, a key aspect of a successful and happy relationship. If you belong to a particular faith, for instance, ensuring that you share the same values is essential. If you are Christian or Muslim dating a partner who belongs to the same faith can help build unforgettable experiences into your time together, whatever the season.

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