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Things To Consider When Buying Acrylic Brushes

Acrylic brushes come in varying lengths and bristle sizes. Thinner brushes are made with lighter hairs or bristles. These brushes include round, pointed round and detail round brushes. For broader strokes, shop around for flat, bright, angular flat, fan and filbert acrylic brushes. There are also egbert, extra long filbert, double thick filbert and dagger striper brushes.

If the handle on the brushes is made of wood, you may find it easier to get and keep a firm grip on the brushes. On the other hand, brushes that are developed with acrylic handles are easier to clean on the handle area.

Furthermore, brushes with thinner hairs are good to sketch with. To create delicate lines, go for brushes with pointed round tips. Filbert acrylic brushes are good for creating oval lines with. To smooth or feather lines or images, use fan brushes. Be patient when painting with brushes built with detail round tips, as the handles on these brushes are shorter than handles on other brushes.

As you can see, the most important factor to consider when buying acrylic brushes is the art project you're planning on working on. Before buying acrylic brushes at Plaza Art and other stores, spend several minutes thinking about the painting you want to create. If the painting is similar to an existing painting, it might be a good idea to take the painting to the art store you'll buy brushes and other art supplies from. The best art stores carry more than 600 different paint brushes, including acrylic and oil brushes.

This way, art specialists and enthusiasts who work at the stores can suggest brush types for you so you increase your chances of getting the results you want. While at the stores, ask about paint, if you don't already have the paint you'll need. Although you don't have to buy acrylic paint simply because you bought acrylic brushes, you may want to try the paint.

There are liquid and fluid acrylic paints. Major brands and other quality paints are approved by organizations like the American Society for Testing and Materials, according to Furthermore, you should check the rating on the paint before buying it.

Among the major acrylic paint brands are Golden, Winsor & Newton, Princeton, Plaza, Robert Simmons, Raphael and Liquitex. These paints may come in plastic tubes. Oil, acrylic, encaustic and water color paints also come in large plastic containers and plastic blocks.

Other art supplies that can help you advance your skills include painting and palette knives, palettes and all media and craft brushes. When working with water color, opt for water color brushes. Painting knives help give your work a sharper, more distinct edge. Color shapers can also be used to add a sharper edge to your paintings.

Depending on the work you're creating, you may want to work on a stretched canvas, a bulk canvas or painting pads. When looking for boards, consider that multimedia boards are thick, while canvas boards are thinner and work well with oil and acrylic paints. Additionally, canvas tools you can use to give your final product a winning touch include canvas corner braces, canvas pliers, staples and a staple gun.

Agnes Ivey

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