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What Is The Big East Conference & NCAAB

The Big East is a conference for athletes in college, the Big East conference encompasses various teams in all college level sports [with exception to football], it includes basketball, golf, soccer, to name only a few.

Colleges that are members of the Big East Conference and participate in men’s basketball [NCAAB or National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball] include:

Notre Dame
St. John’s
Seton Hall
South Florida

History of the Big East Conference

The Big East Conference has gone through many changes since first being established in May of 1979. In its conception, athletic directors from the original seven-school alliance [which included Providence, St. John’s, Georgetown, Syracuse, Seton Hall, Connecticut, and Boston College] met and decided to form the Big East Conference.

Over the years since forming, membership has wavered. However, the core focus has remained constant. The Big East’s standard of admitting programs that are tradition-based and have a history of keeping academic integrity in the spotlight continue to this day.

Having consisted of 16 teams at its peak membership, the Big East’s teams have participated in a total of 18 Final Four appearances while securing seven NCAA championships.

As of June 2013, Val Ackerman was publicly appointed the Commissioner of the Big East Conference. Her experienced includes over 25 years in the sports industry (most of her experience relates to basketball) as an executive and attorney.

Betting on the Big East Conference

Sports bettors enjoy the men’s college basketball season almost more than any other. With a large diversity of scheduled games and tournaments that often last all day long, there are lots of betting options.

It’s important to note how the Big East conference may be affected for the upcoming 2014 men’s basketball betting year in regards to the latest team shifts and realignments. Teams that may be moving from the Big East Conference to the American Conference include the 2013 NCAAB defending national champion Louisville, and also Cincinnati and UConn.

The Big East is one of three conferences [the other two are the ACC and SEC] that are often considered the toughest of all. With regards to these conferences and bettors that are looking for an edge, an interesting trend is that the underdogs seem to have covered the spread the majority of the time.

Tips for Bettors

Based on betting trends for the major conferences in the NCAAB over the last three years with regards to the spread, underdogs have covered 252 times and favorites 245. This shows an even balance between the two.

College basketball sports bettors are encouraged to watch as many men’s basketball games as possible. This allows the bettor to take in consideration the various factors that occur in games, which usually affect betting success.

Bettors are also encouraged to shop for the best line available. The bettors most rewarded are those that take time in deciding on the very best available number. Sportsbooks are fast to adjust lines due to the smaller betting limits in college basketball.

Sarah writes for various sports blogs and loves watching the NBA.

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