Sunday, 22 December 2013

10 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

Has your spouse been acting a little bit odd lately? Being overprotective with their cellphone or coming home at weird hours? Don't let your insecurity get the best you. Nine times out of ten, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of these behaviors. However, sometimes we just want to know if our spouse is cheating on us. While it isn't a great idea to start accusing them, there are some sign that can help you make a reasonable guess. Here are the top 10 signs of a cheating spouse.

1) Your own intuition and instinct

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. If you feel that something is going on, there may be something going on. However, it isn't a great idea to base an entire accusation and confrontation out of a gut feeling. If you have no evidence, your spouse will just deny it like there's no tomorrow.

2) Obsession with his/her cell phone

The cellphone can be a telltale sign that your spouse is cheating. Do they keep you from even touching? Do they have it password protected? Most people don't make a habit of deleting their text messages on a regular basis. If you happen to notice that their inbox is empty, something may be up.

3) Sudden changes in appearance

A different style in dress can be a pretty good sign of an affair. Granted, if they got a new job or you asked them to dress better, then that can be excused. However, dressing a lot better for seemingly no reason has some pretty bad implications. They're dressing that way to impress someone.

4) Change in your sex life

This is obvious. If you notice that your spouse no longer wants to have sex with you, they are probably getting it somewhere else. A healthy sex life is important in any relationship. If you sex life isn't healthy, something is terrible wrong.

5) Working longer hours

"Working longer hours" is probably the most common excuse for showing up home late. If you ever have your doubts, call his or her office on some random day. If the office says they're no longer there and your spouse comes home with the, "I was working late." excuse, you have definitely caught them in a lie.

6) Secrecy with computer and phone passwords

As mentioned before, password protected computer accounts and cellphones can be a bad sign. Everyone likes to password protect their stuff, but if they are totally averse to the idea of you being able to look at their emails or phone contacts, something may be up.

7) Never reachable on his/her cell phone

Any good spouse would want to make sure that they were reachable in case you were worried about them. Never being reachable or rushing you off of the phone when they are reached probably means they're doing something they shouldn't be doing.

8) Unable to provide straight answers

People love being vague when they lie. If they give you a go-around or accuse you of giving them the third degree when you ask them simple questions, it means they're nervous.

9) Distancing themself from you and the family

Distance comes with being unfaithful. No one cheats on their spouse and acts perfectly normal around the kids. Take notice of any odd behavior.

10) Unusual purchases or credit card transactions

Why would your spouse be at a restaurant right after work? Checking your credit/debit card transactions is a great way to see if you spouse is cheating. No one is able to cheat without spending a little bit of money.

Finding out that your spouse may be cheating on you is nothing easy. Finding out the truth is priceless, but knowing the truth and having evidence to prove it, can go a long way in securing your children and yourself.

Tom Ware is a private investigator in Austin, Texas. When he's not performing his professional duty as a private eye, Tom enjoys writing about the circumstances and experiences he has had in order that his readers may gain their own personal insight.

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