Monday, 9 December 2013

Ways To Beat The Rain

Scientific studies throughout the world have researched the ways weather can effect disposition. Yet one doesn't need to be a scientist to know that a string of grey and rainy days can take a toll on emotions. It's a sneaky thing that may start as general discontent and a feeling of ennui that then escalates into frustration and snappishness. Such behavioural changes may have adverse effects on personal and professional relationships, because even when conscious of the effect of weather on moods it's still hard to shake the blahs. Awareness is the first step to warding off weather-related emotional woes, yet here are some additional tips to help brighten your day no matter what the forecast.

Tech Tricks

Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] is the official term for those feelings of depression and listlessness during less-than-stellar weather conditions. To help minimise the effects of SAD, sufferers may want to try a light box that mimics sunlight. Light boxes come in a variety of styles and price ranges, and not everyone is on board that they do actually help, whilst others swear by them.

Another way to keep spirits up is to make a few adjustments on your computer and mobile. If it's lousy weather outside don't compound the issue by having screensavers and desktop wallpaper showing winter scenes. No matter how incongruous it may seem, change everything to bright, sunny beach photos or puppies or kittens, whatever it is that will bring joy. Smartphone users should do the same and can even look for excessively cheerful screensavers to help make it through the down times.


When combating the blues it really is the little things that can help make a positive impact. Like rain gear—sure a standard pair of black wellies could suffice, but why not go bold and pick some that are irrepressibly joyful? Get the home in order, too, by switching to warmer bedding, and loading up with some good books and plenty of wood for the fire. The pantry should also be stocked with a few favourite comfort foods reserved specifically for those days when the weather turns ugly. And don't discount the benefit of nice snuggly pyjamas, scented candles, and some special tea to help celebrate the changing seasons. Pulling out all the stops will not only keep the mind and body occupied, it will help turn that feeling of powerlessness into one of deliberate participation.

Get Out and Play

Remember as children, when few things were more fun than running out into the rain? When did that change? When did everyone become so worried about hair and clothes to the point of forgetting the fun of play? Granted, the temperature should help decide whether it's foolish or not to get out in it but remembering one's childlike view of rain could help lift moods considerably. If safety isn't an issue [remember to avoid going out in lightning] then dress appropriately and go jump in puddles for a bit. If it shows no sign of stopping and you sure can't beat it, why not join it? Dance in the rain and then enjoy the warmth of hearth and home even more when done.

In addition, remembering the benefits of water on the plants and in the fields can be another way to help bust the blahs. As annoying as it can sometimes be, the rain benefits the earth in countless ways and just by taking a moment to remember that could help alleviate some of the negative side-effects. By embracing that which cannot be changed and even taking it further to celebrate it may seem like a silly notion, but the rain's going to come—and how it affects you is something you have quite a good bit of control over. So make it an event, keep the sun shining indoors or just get out and dance!

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