Thursday, 9 January 2014

Gadget: All I Wanted For Christmas Was The Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

According to a great American musician, Marilyn Manson, “Music is the strongest form of magic” --- and I second the motion!  It doesn’t matter what my mood is.  Happy, sad, excited, tired, overjoyed or depressed, music seems to be only form of art that is charming enough to bring me to that energetic state of mind.  Reason enough why my phone’s music box contains most of my favorite tunes.

So when my boyfriend showed me the Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker’s photos plus specs online, my first word was --- WOW!  We went through a number of review sites even watched a couple of reviews on YouTube.  I so wanted it however, the price was high.  Prices ranged between $260 to $300.  Though I could afford it, I decided not to give it a go.

… and because I had been so good in 2013 [always was, always am, always will!] Santa [my dear Santa] granted my wish!  On Christmas eve, my boyfriend handed me my gift and as I slowly opened it, I could sense that it was some kind of gadget.  It was heavy!  … and I was right!

Although I did not wish hard for it, I received a Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Christmas!  How cool was that?

I love everything about this stand alone smart speaker.  First and foremost, it’s wireless!  Plus connecting it to my mobile phone via Bluetooth [I have a Nokia Lumia 920] is as easy as 1-2-3!  Turn the JAMBOX on, the mobile phone’s Bluetooth connectivity function then sync [just click the pairing button]!  No cables, no wires!  Neat and clean!

It weighs around 1.2 kg which is a bit heavy but since I will mostly use it at home, weight is not a problem.

Audio quality is top notch.  The sound is crisp.  It’s not a subwoofer but it does deliver.  You can play it really loud [fills up our medium sized apartment] without that irritating noise other speakers spit out.  Pretty amazing.

Battery life – JAMBOX creators claim that product can perform 15 hours of continuous play.  Doubtful?  Yes, we were.  However, after putting this gadget to the test, that 15-hour claim --- absolutely true.  Another plus!

Because it’s connection via Bluetooth, you can adjust the volume; stop, pause and choose your songs using your mobile phone.  Not only that.  Whenever someone calls, you get a voice prompt telling you the caller’s number then will continuously ring until you answer it [or well, not].  If you decide to take the call, you can speak freely.  Thanks to JAMBOX’s built-in microphone.  Love it!

Okay… I am not a gadget geek but this Big JAMBOX is definitely worth every cent.

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