Monday, 24 March 2014

The Best 5 Gifts [That Don’t Suck] For Sports Fans

With Christmas in the rearview mirror, you thought you were off the hook on buying presents for a while. But you forgot about birthdays? And what about Father’s Day and Mother’s Day? Here are 5 gift ideas for sports fans that you can actually use [as well as some fun facts to wow them with!]:

1. Tickets to the Big Game

Tickets are an obvious gift idea for your major sports fan. You can get just one ticket, but who wants to go to a game alone? Buy yourself one also so you can enjoy the game together! But what if you’re not exactly sure which game/day/time works best for the recipient, and/or you want it to be a surprise? If your loved one loves the hometown team then why not buy a gift certificate from the stadium so they can go to whatever home-game they like. You really can’t go wrong.

Fun Fact: The rivalry between Harvard and Yale football teams is legendary. The very first Harvard vs. Yale football game was November 13, 1875. Tickets were only 50 cents [Tickets today will cost quite a bit more], and there were 2,500 spectators. 

2. Game Day Gift Basket

Of course, they can’t watch every game live and in person. For the guy or girl who’s gearing up to watch the next big game from the comfort of the couch, treat them with a gift basket to enjoy on game day like this hamper with snacks, beers and jerky. Maybe you’ll be invited over to share in the spoils.

Or if they like to play the sport just as much as watching then try out a sports themed hamper – a great gift for a golf junkie!

Fun Fact: Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas is the most expensive golf course in the United States. The fee is $500 for 18 holes.

3. Classic Jerseys

What self-respecting sports fan doesn’t already own a sports jersey? Not many. However, there are different levels of sports jersey possession, some might say. There’s the sports jersey you wear while watching your game, and there’s the sports jersey you frame for adornment on the wall of your Man Cave. Obviously, both are necessities.

Fun Fact: Shaquille O’Neal was already 6’8 when he was only 14 years old. 

4. Autographed Paraphernalia

An autographed baseball, football, basketball, helmet, or even hockey puck is pretty much priceless. This is a gift that can actually be handed down from father to son, grandfather to grandchild, and even increase in value. And if you want to go the extra mile, throw in a protective glass case.

Fun Fact: Jacques Plante, from Montreal, was the first hockey goaltender to wear a face mask, after he got a broken nose in 1959. He was reportedly made fun of at first, but as you can see, now every goaltender wears a protective mask. 

5. Personalised Anything

Emblazoning your beloved sportsfan’s name on a travel mug featuring their favorite team is an easy and fairly inexpensive unique gift. There’s pretty much no limit to the things you can personalise: a padded seat for watching games at the stadium, a snack bowl, duffel bag, ticket album [to keep track of all the games your sports fan has been to], and any kind of apparel [shirts, sweatshirts, baseball hats].

Fun fact: Rickey Henderson of the Oakland A’s didn’t cash his first million-dollar check. He framed it instead. [Framed million-dollar checks are a terrible gift idea, by the way]. 

You’re welcome for the awesome ideas. But go ahead and take credit for them; your sports fan will thank you [and hopefully reciprocate]. 

Corina Mentink is the Director of Boxt Gifts & Hampers, a leading online provider of Gifts Baskets and Gift Delivery in Australia. Connect with Corina on LinkedIn.

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