Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Night Out Or A Night In. Which Is Better? There's Only One Way To Find Out...

Modern society and technology bless us with the ability to find entertainment from a myriad of different sources. Often we are spoiled for choice as there is so much that can be done potentially. Sometimes we may be feeling lively and want to dance the night away and other times we only want to crawl in front of the fire with a good book.

You will find here, different forms of entertainment; some of you may not have experienced and some that you definitely will have. Either way, if you are stuck for something to do tonight, maybe you will follow one of these suggestions. I am also going to mark them out of Ten, from my own point of view, as to their desirability.

Go to the Theatre

Whether it is an amateur dramatics performance or a Shakespearean classic, going to the theatre is a great experience. Sometimes the scenery may be a little rickety and the acting cringeworthy, but all in all it is good fun. There are often coach excursions to the big shows in London departing from a town near you so check the local papers or look on the internet for times, shows, and prices.   Rating: 6/10

Stay In

If you wish to stay in with a friend and watch the latest bollywood movies on your huge plasma television there has never been a better time in history to do so. There are several websites that stream movies now, often for free, and they have huge libraries from which to select your film. Now, when stopping in, the cuddle factor has to be taken into consideration. Being with a loved one in front of a real fire and watching cool movies is a great way to spend an evening. Don’t forget to plan the alcohol and snacks too. Rating: 8/10

Go to The Pub

Going to the local pub is a great British tradition that is sadly dying out thanks to the smoking ban and tax an alcohol. In fact it is hard to find a pub anymore, they have all turned into one kind of eatery or another since selling booze stopped bringing in enough income. If you can find a traditional, friendly pub with a jukebox and a dartboard, try a night out there. The banter makes it a very enjoyable evening indeed. Rating: 6/10

Go For a Meal

As mentioned previously, there is no shortage of places to eat since most of the pubs turned to food. Maybe, however, you may choose to sample some foreign delights. There are restaurants now that lay out all of the food in the form of a buffet, and they are a great way of discovering what the different dishes taste like. They are all-you-can-eat establishments, so value for money is guaranteed. Rating: 8:10


If you are a lover of dancing, there are plenty of nightclubs in most towns and cities. Try to leave the premises before the drunks get out and cause trouble, and you will be fine. Nightclubs aren’t my thing, so my rating reflects this. Remember, this is just my personal rating. Rating: 5/10

As you can tell, my ideal night would be spent watching movies and tv shows at home and whenever I am free on a Friday night, eating foreign food. This may not be for you, but the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.

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