Monday, 2 June 2014

Online Gambling Can Be A Fun Hobby If You Know These Rules

Gambling in all forms gets a lot of bad press lately. It shouldn’t though, because the games are great fun to play, and it is only irresponsible people who end up causing problems for themselves. The games and odds stay the same for everyone; it is only their misuse that causes people to frown on casinos.

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If, like me, you enjoy a flutter occasionally, there is nothing wrong with it. All you need to remember, like everything in life, is to do it in moderation following rules that you lay down to protect yourself.

I gamble a little and have great fun doing it. I am a parent, so online games are perfect for me when the children are in bed or at school. It must sound like I spend every waking moment online, but like most people, I only take a chance when I am bored. Here are some of the rules that I stick to, and they serve me well.

Understand The Game

It would be a foolish person indeed who wagered money on a game that they didn’t understand. Online casinos have tutorials and practice games where you can learn the rules before staking any real money on them, so there is no excuse for ignorance. Don’t try to learn too many games at once, just play a couple until you are confident enough to bet some money on them.

Never Gamble More Than You Can Afford

Overstretching finances is the biggest problem for people with no self control or those without a firm grip on their expenditure. Decide on a spending limit and stick to it. It must be non-negotiable in your mindset. Alternatively, buy a [prepaid credit card and use that for your online activities. There is a great review of the prepaid Mastercard on this website and many others online.

Choose Reputable Casinos

Speak to your friends and relatives to get valuable recommendations for casinos that they use. Some casinos are easier to use than others; finding the best one for you may take a little time. Perhaps people you know have been impressed by the speed and ease at which their winnings are transferred to their bank account, or the customer service may be second to none.

Do Not Ignore Promotions

Sometimes casinos try to tempt people to register with financial incentives. The free money is yours to use in the same way as your own, and the odds remain the same. Watchdogs closely regulate the industry, so you are sure that the money given to you will be clawed back in fixed games.


No-one will mug you physically when playing online, but make sure that the casino has proper electronic encryption and systems in place to protect your details, especially bank accounts. It is an area that casinos do not compromise on. They spend large sums of money on the best online security available. Out of all the companies under attack by hackers recently, how many are casinos? I think you will struggle to find a single one.

So don’t be put off by the bad press. Gamble sensibly and have fun in the way that most people do. If all of the scaremongering was true the country, or even the world, would be on its knees by now. Well, it would be two to one odds at least.

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