Thursday, 5 June 2014

Travel Apps That Will Make A Journey Much More Bearable

Travelling can be a long, grueling, boring process - whether you’re booking a flight, or simply bored on a flight. But luckily these days, we have our smartphones and things like apps to keep us company! There are plenty of apps you can download to make journey much more bearable, and apps that can even help you to get the best deal! Let’s take a look:


Skyscanner is a free app, and definitely one of the best on the market. It’s a powerful, flexible app that will search for flights to help you get the best possible deal. Looking to book a cheap flight on the go? Download this app!

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If you’re ever in an unfamiliar place, you can easily find nearby points of interest, like restaurants, hotels, theatres, parking, and hospitals. It’s a fantastic app to have when you aren't sure where to go.

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This app is a free calorie counter, but it can definitely make travel more bearable. Ever wonder what’s in foreign food but can’t read the packets? MyFitnessPal can help you by simply scanning the barcode! You’ll get a much clearer picture of what you’re eating, ideal for the health conscious.

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Air BnB

If you need to find a place to stay, look no further than this app. With it’s great design, inspiring imagery, and simple browsing features, you can easily find the perfect place to accommodate your trip.

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This app is perfect for organising your travel plans into an itinerary so all of your trip details are safe in one place. Great if you’re always on the go and feel like there’s too much going on in your head at once!

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Google Translate

If you have to ask why a translation app is useful, I can only assume that you’re fluent in 60 different languages. It’s a great little phrasebook in your pocket, making sure you don’t get your wires crossed with a local. You could even make some friends!

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Trip Tracker

This is a simple tool for travellers who are constantly on the move. All of your details are entered into your phone without you having to do it manually; your flight, hotel from, and car hire information as well as alerts for any delays and cancelations.


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You may already have Instagram, but if you don’t, I suggest you download it before your trip. Not only can you share beautiful pictures from wherever you go, you can see other travellers pictures of the same place, using hashtags. You could be entertained on this for hours!

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Google Maps

Google Maps is great for helping you get to where you’re going, but it also has a great ‘offline map’ feature that allows you to download several areas and mark places you want to visit in advance, letting you find them without an internet connection.

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What do you think of these apps? Let us know in the comments!

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