Monday, 7 September 2015

Things To Do With Your Computer When You Want To Have Fun

Most of us seek entertainment from our iPads or iPhones. But your computer can
be a great source of entertainment too. If you’re having a night at home, why not spend some time checking out what more you can do with a computer? It doesn’t matter whether you use a laptop or a desktop computer. Enjoy the bigger screen, and have some fun.

Almost everything you can do on your tablet can be enjoyed on the bigger screen of your computer. There are even apps you can download to make the most of the big QWERTY keyboard and larger display. Google has a pretty good collection of apps, although many of them are sitting firmly in the Productivity category.

The best thing about the bigger screen is that you can enjoy streaming TV and movies. The sound systems you get with a desktop offer a better experience for movies or music videos too. It doesn’t matter if you’re running Windows or a Mac OS. Being seated in a chair means you’re less likely to get neck ache and back ache from viewing too. You can still play all your favourite in-app games from social media. But it’s the wealth of PC games that really makes my computer the winner.

When it comes to accessing the internet, mobile websites on your smartphone just don’t always cut it. They can be watered down and less functional. On your computer, you can access everything from the desktop site. Entertainment websites like Lista Buzz offer a great deal of content. I love having the choice to access it by smartphone or my computer to see the bigger picture. I can easily click from one article to the next.

I love having a QWERTY keyboard for accessing website URLs that much easier. Like most people, I can type faster this way than with a small touch screen. Longer messages like emails or blogs definitely need a proper keyboard to type. Have you ever had a go at writing? Your computer could be just the tool you need to become the next big blogger. Or perhaps you fancy writing a novel? There are some great software packages out there for your PC that can help you.

Other software packages for PC or Mac include music making programs. You can plug a USB keyboard into your computer to make up your own music. This can be done on a smaller scale with apps like GarageBand for your iPad. But having a full sized keyboard in front of you really brings out the musician in you!

Graphic designers prefer to use the processing power of a full PC too. When you are editing high-resolution images, you need a range of plug-in tools at your disposal. Best of all, the larger screen means you can see the full picture up close. You can have a lot of fun editing pictures, and then easily post them on FaceBook or Pinterest.

There are times when life is just a lot easier on a computer than your smartphone. The games for PC are on par with console games, and you can plug in a range of different controllers if you want. My computer is perfect for a fun night in.

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