Sunday, 1 May 2016

My New Addiction: Slitherio Game

A few days ago, a friend introduced me to a new Slitherio game. Since I started playing, I just can’t stop! It’s probably the most addictive and enjoyable game I have played in a long time. At the risk of spreading this joyful addiction, I want to show you all the game as well. Maybe you will enjoy it as much as I do, and we can find ourselves in the Slitherio world, battling against each other.

What is Slitherio?

The Slitherio game is a web-based game that is very easy to play and offers many challenges. The premise is simple: you are a snake and your target is to eat light orbs. As you eat them, your snake becomes longer and gains points [just like the older snake game!]. However, if you crash against another snake, your character dies immediately and turns into orbs of light, which other snakes eat like vultures diving on prey. But you can do the same to other snakes: play the game skillfully and you can kill snakes of all sizes to eat their light orb remains.

The challenge is that every snake in the map is another real player, strategizing to enlarge their own character. Some will swoop in front of you, speed up, trap you and do anything they need to do to feed off your light orbs.

It’s an exhilarating game where you can’t help but restart a level as soon as you die.

Some Tips to Do Better

The game doesn’t come with instructions, so you need to learn as you go. Here are a few things I figured out and it has helped me reach higher up in the score board [so far, up to position #4!]:

· By double-clicking, your snake will boost in speed. However, he also loses some length, so use it as necessary and for short times.
· Use speed boosts to cause other snakes to inadvertently crash into you and lose. But watch out, many other snakes do this as well!
· As you enlarge in size, light orbs and other snakes also look smaller. You become a more tempting target, so be careful as other snakes will try to take you down!
· The larger you are, the slower you move. This makes you more susceptible to smaller, faster snakes.
· Trap snakes by circling around them so they have nowhere to go but crash against your character.
· I noticed that a lot of snakes die close to the largest snakes. Find large snakes and trail after them – other snakes will accidentally crash onto them or try to take them down, so you can swoop in and take their light orbs when they die.
· Chase and eat the moving light orbs – they enlarge your character more than regular orbs.
· You can change your character’s skin by sharing the game on Facebook or Twitter.

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