Friday, 29 July 2016

Broken Phone Screen? Try These Fixes

All smartphone users can admit to dropping their phone onto the floor from time to time. It’s not usually a big deal, and our phones continue working just like they did before. But occasionally a fall onto a hard surface or from a height can result in a cracked phone screen. A cracked or shattered screen can make your phone difficult to access and use. This can leave you feeling very vulnerable and unable to communicate with anyone. You could replace your iPhone or Android phone. But this can be expensive and prevent you from accessing your phone’s apps and pictures. So if you’re unable to do this, here are some repair options you might want to consider.

Check your warranty

If you’ve not had your smartphone for very long, you may be able to get your phone fixed under warranty. While not all warranties include accidental damage, some do. So it’s always best to check this before doing anything else. Contact the manufacturer of your phone or return to the store where you bought it. If the damage is covered, then can tell you what to do next. But if it isn’t, that doesn’t mean they can’t help. Many phone companies offer out of warranty repairs, where you pay a fixed price to have the work completed. This price will vary depending on the manufacturer so bear this in mind before you contact them.

Do it yourself

You might think that repairing a cracked phone screen is something that only a trained expert can do. But this is not necessarily the case. DIY screen repairs are considered the most budget friendly fix and are easier than you think to achieve. Like most things nowadays, you can find online tutorials and step by step guides on repairing broken screens. They will tell you which tools you need to buy and whether you need to replace the glass or the entire screen. It’s best to do some research before you start your DIY repair to ensure you are buying the right items. This is particularly important if the guides suggest you source multiple items online from eBay or Amazon.

The only downside is that you will have to order and wait for the items to arrive before you start the repair.

Visit a local repair shop

Shattered phone screens are a common issue faced by smartphone owners and the demand for repairing them is high. This has resulted in a significant rise in cellphone repair shops being opened. So no matter where you are, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one to help you with your problem. It’s important to keep in mind that the repair charge and timescale will vary from place to place. This usually depends on the severity of the damage and the stores current workload. You can find more info about this popular repair option online or by visiting a store in person.

Whichever fix you decide to try, it shouldn’t take long for your phone to return to full working order. This experience should teach you to handle your smartphone with more care. You might also want to invest in a stronger phone case to stop this happening again in future.

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