Friday, 26 August 2016

The Best Things About Watching TV and Movies on the Go

For someone like me that loves TV, movies and apps, being able to watch media on a portable device is fabulous. If you haven't embraced this trend yet, check out the reasons why it's so brilliant below.

Use dead time

The first thing that I love about using mobile technology such as Netflix to access media content is that you can really get the most fun out of your day.

Even if you are commuting to work, you can entertain yourself with a film. This makes long journeys so much more pleasurable. I’d would so rather watch a great piece of cinema on my mobile than listen to some teenagers awful music that they are playing straight out loud!

Never get bored waiting again

We’ve all got them. Those friends that say they'll be there at 1 pm, but don't arrive until 1.30pm. They don't mean to be late, stuff just always gets in their way.

For anyone that likes to get to their location on time, this can be really annoying. Luckily by downloading streaming app to your phone, you can chill out and catch up with the latest episode of your current show. This means you won't have wasted that time waiting for your friend and you won't be in such a grump when they do finally arrive!

Keep up to date with your favourite shows no matter where you are

One of the problems that TV addicts face when they travel away from home is that not all shows are available across all media. This creates a problem for those that have got used to watching an episode or two of their favourite show as part of their evening routine.

Luckily by getting a TV and film streaming app on your mobile device, like ShowBox you can keep up with the next episodes of your show. This is because you will always have access to them, no matter where you are. You can even sling them onto a TV through Chromecast for the full experience.

Introduce your friends to your faves

Another benefit to using a movie and TV app is that you don't just have to rave about your latest entertainment find to your mates. Now you can show them. By showing them an episode, they are much more likely to see the shows value and get into it themselves. Then you’ll have someone to message about the latest plot twists and turns. Which, as we all know can make our viewing even more fun.

Have some alone time whenever you need to

Another benefit  of having TV available on demand through a streaming app is that you can have some quality alone time whenever you need it. This works so well for people that are introverted or have introvert tendencies.

Whether it's during your lunch break at work, or if you are staying at a family member's house. With a mobile app, you can plug your headphones in and escape into your little world for a while to recharge.

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