Saturday, 4 February 2017

Gaming for Non-Gamers

One of the biggest issues with gaming is not the lack of games, content or expensive DLC. It’s much simpler than that, and doesn’t have anything to do with games at all: it’s the community! Whether it’s a fresh new title or console such as the Nintendo Switch or a huge sale on the Steam platform for PC, there’s almost no gaming event or release that manages to please the general public.

Games are still exclusively made for gamers. You shoot zombies, fly spaceships and hunt dragons, but what about the more down-to-earth games? Sure, there are titles such as Forza which allow you to drive around your favourite racing cars and sports games where you can create your own fantasy teams, but that’s about the extent of mainstreaming gaming that appeals to everyone.

So whether you’re a technophobic parent trying to connect with their children or a curious individual that want to see what the fuss around gaming is, here are a couple of ways to enjoy games if you aren’t a gamer.

Simulation games

If defeating monsters and shooting people doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps you’d prefer something more relaxed such as running a city, managing politics or running a farm? Video games don’t have to be high-impact games that push the limits of your reflexes, they can be laid-back games that test your intelligence too. Games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization VI tasks players with the goal of conquering the world. However, you don’t have to do this through a bloody war or arms race, you can do it peacefully and conquer the world with science and religion. It’s a fantastic game that simulates what it might have been like to lead a civilisation, and it’s extremely fun to play with friends too!

Games based on physical games

A digital version of Monopoly might not sound interesting if you picture you and your family crowded around a tablet screen or PC monitor, but it will probably sound more exciting when you realise you can play Monopoly online with people who are on the opposite side of the world. 

Although many people prefer to play the physical version of games if available, there’s no doubt that going digital has its advantages. For example, you could search for online casino websites like the one here and play for fun. If you’re on a winning streak or feel like luck is on your side, you can kick it up a notch and play for real money too. Replicating your favourite physical games is a great way to get involved with gaming because you know the rules already, so all you need to learn is how to work the controls.

Party games

If you’re not keen on sitting at home alone and gaming, then how about some party games? There are games like Just Dance which is all about following dance moves to your favourite pop songs. There are also games like the Jackbox series which are based on creating silly drawings, phrases and trivia. These are party games that excel at bringing together a group of friends or family members, and anyone can play assuming they have a smart device like a phone to join in because they don’t require the use of controllers.

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