Wednesday, 22 February 2017

PC Gaming: Battlefield 1

To play battlefield one on the PC requires a certain amount of skill. First, because the game in itself is pretty tough and brutal, but secondly because PC gaming is reserved for the more hardcore gamers who really know their stuff, so you’ll be hardpressed getting kills off these experts. However, this small guide can help you get off to a great start and rack up some points to help your team. It will be tough at first, but like anything else, perseverance is key.

Get The Right Hardware

Lag will kill you early. So make sure you get the right hardware. You’ll need a good monitor to make the most out of the great graphics, there are some brilliant monitor reviews done by gaming buff, you can read more on their site. You may also want to consider a controller. Sure, most PC gamers use the keyboard, but a controller is really beneficial in a game like battlefield and can feel far more natural. Once you have gotten the hardware out of the way you can start to focus on what really matters

Choose A Helping Class At First

At first, don’t go assault or scout. They don’t come with help for the team and as you are new you’ll just end up getting yourself killed time and time again. Go a medic, you can revive downed teammates and really make a positive impact on the team. Or, as a support based class you can drop ammunition for your team. You can still work in an offensive capacity and kill dozens of enemy, but you’ll be better served starting off with one of these so you can still contribute in the earlier matches.

Play The Objective

Battlefield is not call of duty. Simple. You need to play the objective or you’ll get kicked from the game by the server owner. You need to ensure you try to capture points or defend points instead going off on your own jolly mission. It also gets you far more points. You can spend the whole game playing the objective and not bothering to kill an enemy and come out with more points than anyone else, that is what makes battlefield unique.

Lead Your Target Over Distance

To ensure you get the kills you need to lead your target. The old cranky guns in battlefield one are hard to use and fire. You must lead the target or you’ll miss every time. This means following the target down the sites of your weapon ahead of their direction of travel so they essentially walk or run into the bullet. This is particularly useful for the scout, but applicable to all classes. When you get the skill nailed you’ll start performing stellar headshots from distances you thought impossible at first.

Use Cover

Many people don’t and pay for it with high death counts. You need to be able to use cover in a compelling way. There are a huge amount of explosions in this game, from infantry and vehicles alike. So taking cover gives you the best opportunity to get some top kills while dying less yourself. Use wood, boulders, wall and even other vehicles and you’ll soon see the benefit of cover.

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