Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Fantastically Fun Activities that can Actually Make You Money

Is there a better way of making money than by having fun while you are doing it? Plenty of guides out there show you how to make money online or otherwise, of course. But let’s face it, there are only so many surveys you can fill in or articles you can churn out for a penny a word. So, let’s put the focus on fun for a change - and show you how you can make a little extra from your hobbies or interests. Let’s get started right away.

Record a podcast

Have a specific niche interest? Maybe you are in love with a particular TV show or football team, and want to tell the world about it? If so, why not start a regular podcast? Making a podcast allows you to make the rules, and you can talk about whatever you want, invite guests, and it won’t cost much to set up. All you need is some basic recording equipment, a computer, a podcast host and a few interesting ideas. Start off by offering your podcast free of charge, and when you get popular, you can request payments or even donations. Popular podcasts are also hugely popular with advertisers, so bear that in mind, too.

Record yourself playing video games

Are you an expert gamer who knows all the tricks and secrets of a particular game? If so, why not record yourself doing a walkthrough - these types of videos are hugely popular on YouTube right now. And if you manage to build up a large audience, you can end up earning a nice little side income through advertising.

Play online games

There are an enormous amount of online games that you can win money from. Whether it’s a casino, the lottery, or even Bingo, the choices out there at the moment are enormous. However, make sure that you are incredibly careful before playing these sorts of games as they can be addictive. And you should always spend some time learning how they work before spending a penny. How To: Game In Play videos can be useful, and many sites offer free practice sessions which you should use. Also, never forget that you should only ever spend money on online gaming on money you can afford to lose.

Sell artwork on Etsy

Do you love drawing, the arts, and design? If so, why not put some of your creations up for sale on services like Etsy? Opening your own store on Etsy is a simple process, and as long as you take great photos of your products and write awesome descriptions, there’s no reason why you can’t make some money out of your craft hobby.


Handy with a musical instrument or have an incredible voice? If so, don’t be shy - why not get out there and try some busking? You will need a special permit, but other than that it’s just a question of calming your nerves and getting out there and doing it. Some buskers make a surprising amount of money, so why not give it a bash? 

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