Saturday, 20 May 2017

Spying Tech 101

Do you want to know what they’re up to? Do you wish you were a fly-on-the-wall in that room? Or do you just want proof they’re doing something they shouldn’t be? There are lots of reasons why we might want to discreetly record something someone else is doing. Of course, most of the tech we carry around with us or have on hand is already recording other people and events. Car cameras, smartphones, and wearable tech can all do it. Why not find out more with these awesome gadgets?


This traditional spying staple has been around [almost] forever. These days, of course, they are much smaller and will fit discreetly in a pocket. Can’t see anyone watching you? They may be far away. Some of the best binoculars can zoom in ten times to be able to see the smaller details up close. And yes, some of them can record too! Handy and portable and great fun to use, even if you’re only birdwatching.

Your Smart TV

Yes, your TV can spy on the viewer. Systems like Netflix and Amazon will use your viewing history to offer a more customized viewing experience. This can be quite helpful when you’re looking for the next awesome box set to binge view. If you don’t want your history to sit on the screen after you’ve gone to bed, be sure to clear your viewing history first! Integrated systems can be used across platforms, as you may have found out from Amazon. Most of this is harmless, but it could prove a little embarrassing if others use your devices!

Hidden Mini Camera

They have hundreds of applications, although most people admit to using them as nanny cams. Because everyday objects can spy on you, the poor childminder now has to be immaculately behaved at all times! These little beauties can be inserted in soft toys, book cases, handbags and more. That means you can transmit live footage wherever you go if you’re wifi enabled too. They’re great for security and monitoring meetings too.


There are lots of different kinds of trackers. Some cost very little. You can use your smartphone apps to track many different things. Of course, the fun part is attaching those trackers to the people [or pets] you want to track. BlueTooth, GPS, and WIFI are the most common ways the tracker can connect to your app for tracking. Not all of them will record a journey, but they can be handy if you want to know where they are.

Voice Recorders

Tape recorders used to be big bulky devices that gobbled up all the power of a C-size battery in no time. Nowadays, recorders have no moving parts as they contain solid state hard drives or memory. This means battery power can last days, and you can store days-worth of recording on there too. This is ideal for discreetly recording lectures, meetings, or people up to no good! You’ll be able to hear everything that happens. If you want to listen in live, then you may need a WIFI microphone device.

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