Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Joy of Horse Racing

If you’re about to embark on your first day at the races, you are in for a treat. You may think you’ll be in the stands feeling cramped, with very little personal space and possibly willing for the day to end, but think again. You will spend your day gripped by the drama of the racecourse. Each and every race will have you hooked, your adrenaline will be pumping, and your heart will be racing as hard as the horses, as you witness the climax to many thrilling races. A day at the races is more than just watching horses. Take a look at this guide to getting the most out of your day.


Any day at the races is an excuse to get dressed up. Men wear their most dapper suits, ties and maybe even a pair of horse racing related cufflinks. Ladies can throw on their newest frock and accessorize with a gorgeous clutch bag and hat. You will have the opportunity to look and feel like a million dollars. Ladies Days that are run by some race meets are a brilliant excuse for groups of women to have a fun day out with friends without having any inkling of what horse racing entails. It is simply a great way to spend a Saturday in the summer.

When you arrive at the races, you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of Pimms or maybe a flute of champagne. As soon as you get there, scour the lunch options. You can, of course, select the fish and chips van or the burger stall, but there is always the option to dine in the race course restaurant to really glam up your day.

Having A Flutter

The sheer thrill of a day at the races comes in the form of betting. You carefully scan the line up to each race and then choose the horse that you think has the greatest chance of winning. You may perform some quick in depth analysis of a horse’s form and its odds or you may simply select a horse because you like his name or the jockey is wearing your favorite color. Anyhow, once you have selected your horse, it’s time to bet.

There is a range of betting options available. In the age of smartphones and technology, you don’t even have to leave the stand to place a bet. By utilizing the Tab app, you are able to view the racecards and odds from the comfort of your seat. You can then select your wager, place your bet and enjoy cheering on your trusty stallion.

The noise of the crowd and the buzz in the air is infectious. Soon you’ll be on your feet shouting encouraging words to your horse and jockey. Win or lose, the thrill of a horse race is worth the day out in itself.

Get Up Close And Personal

You don’t have to spend your day glued to your seat in the stand. There are opportunities to venture down to the warm up circle where you’ll see the horses, jockeys and trainers mooching around before a race is due to start. Down by the race track where the horses linger is a hive of nervous energy with trainers waiting for the race to begin. You can get up close and see the physique, fitness and power of the horses that are racing.

More often than not, horse meets are places to socialize and enjoy time with friends and family. You could even find yourself shopping if there is an antiques or local food market on the same weekend as the horse meet. There are many facilities within the venue that will allow you to take a break from the horse racing, whether this is popping into the souvenir shop or taking a look at the internal museum.

Some horse racing events have family fun as their number one focus. It’s almost as though the horse racing comes second to making an event for the whole family. These meets can last up to a week and can be accompanied by music concerts and food events. There is a real carnival atmosphere with parties that can go on long into the night.

Long gone are the days of old men in tweed coats dominating the horse racing scene. Horse racing is now more inclusive, encouraging families, groups of friends and the younger generation to enjoy the excitement of the sport. You never know, after your day at the races, you could become horse racing’s latest fan.

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