Three of Vietnam’s impressive tourist destinations

Vietnam does not need any introduction for travelers around the world. It is home to several attractions including wonderful hilly areas, sea beaches, lush greenery, and forest areas along with archaeological marvels. Unfortunately, very few of Vietnam’s attractions have managed to attract everyone’s attention.
Nha Trang resort town
No doubt that Vietnam is home to some of the best beaches in Asia. But when it comes to the tourist-friendly facilities, crystal clear water, its temperature, and sand around beaches, Nha Trang resort town is most preferred. The city is located in southern part of Vietnam and attracts hundreds of tourists every day because of its beautiful bays. It also offers several opportunities to enjoy water sports.
Plan your stay at Cat Tien National Park
This park is one of Vietnam’s top five attractions, and is spread across 720 KMS. It is also considered country’s largest forest covered area. Cat Tien National Park is home to hundreds of wild animals, birds, fishes, mammals, and snakes. Its spectacular hilly areas and vast forests make it the best spot for adventure sports lovers. The park is also part of list for places famous for trekking Vietnam.
Park offers accommodation options for visitors. Depending on the time or number of days that you wish to spend in this park, you can either opt for SUV safari tour or hire bicycle to travel in various areas. The national park is located in southern Vietnam.
Enjoying crawling inside Cu Chi Tunnels
As mentioned earlier Vietnam offers several historical monuments for history lovers. One of the most important ones is the network of Cu Chi Tunnels. These tunnels helped Cong guerrillas to hide during Vietnam War. Today, tourists enjoy this important part of history by crawling inside safe tunnels. This attraction is located just few minutes’ drive away from Ho Chi Minh City.*/‎external-link.jspa?‎

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